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Window Restorations™ is a full service window, door and carpentry renovation company based in Cleveland, Ohio. Make your windows new again while preserving their architectural integrity. We specialize in older structures, residential or commercial.

Window Restorations™ works with homeowners, commercial building owners, architects and contractors of all types. Window Restorations™ can convert your existing drafty double hung windows into state-of the-art, energy efficient windows. This process works on virtually any type of window shape, size or style (double hung, casement, awning, picture, arch top, bow, etc.); we even have solutions for leaded and stained glass windows. Eliminate the need for storm windows and greatly reduce noise from the outside.

People choose us for many reasons in addition to energy cost savings:
because we can rebuild windows faster than they can be replaced; because you prefer the historical preservation benefit; because rebuilding is a greener, more environmentally friendlier approach or perhaps because rebuilding usually saves you 20-40% off of good quality new windows.

For a decade, Window Restorations™ has restored and rebuilt thousands of windows. We install all year round. Contact us today for more information or an evaluation.


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